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You won't be starting from scratch

(If you don't want to)

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Templates get you going

Best practices set you up for success from the beginning

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Start from existing databases

Works with SQLServer, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL

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Your files come with you

Start with schema from Excel or Text file

GitHub, Gitlab or BitBucket

Pixcel supports all majors Git collaboration providers (Github, GitLab and BitBucket). Generated Node.js app can be synced with whatever tool helps you work best.

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GraphQL and Rest API

Pixcel generates production-ready, self-documentated GraphQL and Rest API for all your data models. API's are generated with authentification and authorisation.

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Start working quickly with our Admin UI

Pixcel generates a react client for listening, creating, editing and deleting all the data models of your application. UI is based on React-Admin and is pre-configured to work with your back-end.

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Work with your favorite database

Pixcel supports multiples databases : PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite. Just use the database you love.

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Download your source code or deploy easily on Pixcel cloud

When you work with Pixcel, you can downloaded your source code. You can also deploy on the Pixcel cloud. All your committed changes ares continuously deployed. It's easily access your application for testing and development purposes.

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